Bladder Infection Treatment – 4 Ways to Deal with UTI

Bladder Infection TreatmentIf you have urinary tract infection (UTI), it is important that you get bladder infection treatment promptly. This infection is due to microbial invasion of the urinary bladder. If you delay the treatment for bladder infection, the bacteria can ascend to the upper tract and lead to more serious kidney problems. Because of its high incidence, finding sources on how to treat bladder infection is very easy. You can get it from the Internet, in many books or ask your health care provider about it.


In most instances, bacteria are the primary causes of UTI. After diagnosing the causative agent responsible for your condition, your physician will prescribe antibiotics to deal with the specific microorganism. Although amoxicillin is the most popular antibiotic for the treatment of bladder infection, many medical practitioners do not prefer it due to the increasing number of amoxicillin-resistant organisms. Instead, they use nitrofurantoin or trimethoprime/sulfamethoxazole. The combination of these antibiotics shows greater effectiveness in treating the problem.

Pain Relievers

The most common symptom of urinary tract infection is painful urination or dysuria. To relieve you from the pain and discomfort, take pain relievers. Ask your physician about the best drug to fit your needs. Alternatively, you can use hot packs and place them on your lower abdominal region. The hot compress can temporarily reduce the symptom associated with the infection.


Pay attention to your diet when thinking of bladder infection treatment. As the common adage says, “you are what you eat.” If you love high sodium, high protein and high phosphorus food, then your diet is not good to your kidneys. To avoid acquiring urinary tract infection, watch what you eat. Stay away from salty, preserved or processed foods. Increase your fluid intake. Aside from the regular water as source of your fluid, you can consider fruits. Drink cranberry juice. The acidity of this fruit increases the acidic ph of your urine, making it less conducive for bacterial growth.


Your lifestyle does not only increase your likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases, but urinary tract infection as well. If you are to commence bladder infection treatments, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and coffee. Drop your smoking habits. Whenever you feel the need to go to the restroom, satisfy the call of nature. For more ways to cure your bladder infection naturally, I followed the steps in the UTI remedy report, and it really helped.

Knowing how to cure a UTI is simple. All you need is compliance to the treatment and prevention of the problem. When you modify your lifestyle, diet and take your medications properly, you can be free from the irritating symptoms. With a simple and healthy bladder infection treatment, you can live a normal life again.

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  1. Ann Waterworth

    I was told by my doctor I was clear of Urinary Tract Infection. Why am I still getting the same symptoms of burning and frequent urination?

    1. Sharon Post author

      Hi Anna,

      Sometimes even your doctor can get it wrong. What I suggest is you get a second opinion from another doctor. Then you’ll know for sure, and be able to find out what that burning sensation is being caused by.

      Let me know how it goes.

      ~ Sharon

  2. Trudy

    Hi Anna, you may have bladder pain syndrome. No UTI shows up but you still have the pain you can read about it on line. Sometimes I get the pain and they tell no UTI but the antibiotics help and sometimes I get the pain and antibiotics do not help. Thus they call this bladder pain sydrome or IC.


  3. haley

    I have that intense bladder infection called cytisis and they gave me 800 mg generic bactrum. My father is allergic to it my mother on the other hand isn’t. I was having allergic reactions to the medicine. Fevers head aches sore throat. I stopped using the medicine. Now Idk what to do because I’m broke and can’t afford another doctors appointment mentioned.It still Burns while I urinate and I can not poop for the life of me. I’m only 18 help me please. I started drinking 100% cranberry juice and taking Azo. Any idea on how u can help Me?

    1. Sharon Post author

      Hi James,

      Although you may do some self-diagnosis, it is always best to be certain by visiting your doctor too. Once you are certain it is a bladder infection, then you can try the various natural remedies available.


  4. John Buford

    Very good post, I especially enjoyed the segment on diet. I totally agree that a high sodium, high protein and high phosphorus diet is hard on the kidneys.


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