UTI Cure – Safe and Simple

Cure For Urinary Tract InfectionWhen looking for an effective UTI cure, you should be open to some of the helpful home remedies available. These natural cures are not only safe, but also effective and cheap. If you want to end the pain and inconvenience caused by this disease – the fast and easy way – here are some home UTI cures you could make use of to get rid of this painful bacterial infection.

A mixture of baking soda

An effective cure for urinary tract infection is the use of baking soda. By diluting half a tablespoon of baking soda and drinking this solution every day, you can actually stop the first signs of urinary tract infection. Baking soda’s composition allows your body to restore the proper acid-base balance in your acidic urine.

Cranberry juice for curing UTI

Drinking cranberry juice on a regular basis is also an effective cure for UTI. Cranberry juice allows you to extract the bacteria that has accumulated in your urinary tract. It also helps by preventing more bacteria from accumulating in your urinary tract. If you do not like the taste of cranberry juice, you could also mix it with apple juice to make it taste much better.

Tincture and other concoctions for acute cases of UTI

If you already have an acute case of UTI, you can still use very effective natural urinary tract infection cures. This is by preparing various solutions and tinctures at home and drinking them regularly.

An example of such cures for UTI is to blend a concoction of buchu, Echinacea, uva ursi tinctures, and pipsissewa. Consume at least twenty drops of this concoction every two hours for the first two days. After the first two days, you should consume at least one teaspoon of this mixture four times a day until you have completely cured your infection.

If you find the antiseptic effect of urva ursi too strong, you can also consume marshmallow root tea to counter its strong antiseptic effect. This urinary tract infection cure also works well as a kidney infection treatment.

These are only some of the natural ways to cure a UTI from home. By selecting one natural cure for urinary tract infection mentioned in this article, you would not need to purchase supplementary antibiotics or medications for treating this bacterial infection. For a full list of effective and natural cures, have a look at Mary Joe Barton’s UTI remedy report.

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