Over the Counter UTI Medicine – Your Options

Over The Counter UTI MedicineUrinary tract infection, or UTI, can be a very painful problem. It comes as no surprise for you to try to find a quick fix when you experience the cramping, fevers, chill, and aches that inevitably accompany this. While you may opt for homeopathic and natural remedies to try and relieve these symptoms, you may also choose over the counter UTI medicine.

The important thing to note is that these medicines do not actually cure urinary tract infections. Instead, what they do is offer simple pain relief. Because these are short-term solutions, it is still necessary to go to your doctor to ask about long-lasting treatments to completely heal the problem.

Furthermore, long-term use of over the counter urinary tract infection medicine can cause the bacteria to form a resistance against any medication, so it’s best to use these for only a short period of time.

Here are some types you can try:


While these are not really a type of over the counter medicine for UTI, dipsticks are actually home test kits used for detecting nitrite and/or white blood cells in the urine – signs that you are suffering from UTI. Women who are prone to or suspect having UTI can buy these over the counter to check if they are infected by dipping the plastic strip from the kit in the urine stream. Early detection of UTI is important because it is easier to treat before it gets any worse.

Phenzazopyridine hydrochloride

Phenzazopyridine hydrochloride helps relieve the pain and discomfort caused by UTI. This over the counter UTI medication works by coating the inner lining of the urinary tract and acts as an analgesic in that area. Taking phenzazopyridine hydrochloride can turn urine orange or red, since the medication is actually an organic dye. People who opt to take this should take care of this since it can cause stains.


One of the reasons why cranberry juice is effective against UTI is because it contains methenamine, which has antiseptic properties that provide relief from UTI pain. It may also suspend the spreading of the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections. OTC UTI medication containing methenamine lessens the pain temporarily, while prescription methenamine actually cures the infection.

Analgesics and ibuprofen

Analgesics and ibuprofen are basically pain killers that temporarily remove or lessen the pain caused by UTI, as well as lowering inflammation. These are not limited to UTI relief, but can also be used as a pain reliever in other areas of the body.

And remember, before opting for any over the counter UTI medicine, consider natural remedies first and consult with a licensed health care professional for the best course of treatment.

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