Bladder Infection Cures Worth Trying

Bladder Infection CuresIf you’re looking for bladder infection cures, then keep reading…

Bladder infection, also called cystitis, occurs when bacteria (usually Escherichia coli, or E Coli) moves to the bladder by entering your urinary tract via the urethra, where these multiply to cause inflammation.

Symptoms of this include pain above the pubic bone, nausea, fever, headaches, dizziness, cramps, frequent urination, pain during urination, and/or cloudy, bloody, or bad-smelling urine. These cause pain and embarrassment to its patients, about 80% of which are women. Thankfully, there is more than one bladder infection cure available to treat this problem.

As some would say, the best cure would be prevention, and there are ways to prevent contracting bladder infections. Some of these include observing proper hygiene (such as wiping front to back after using the restroom), wearing cotton underwear, avoiding tight-fitting clothes, and refraining from using products that may cause irritation in the genital area, like scented products.

You should also not resist the urge to urinate, and in case circumstances prevent you from heading directly to the restroom when you need to, try not hold it in for a long period of time.

If already contracted, the most common cure for bladder infection is the use of antibiotics, since most bacteria are susceptible to this. If you are highly susceptible to bladder infections you can even be prescribed with preventive antibiotics to keep these from coming back again and again. Care should be taken when using antibiotics, especially if you have taken some fairly recently for another reason.

Furthermore, prolonged use of antibiotics not only makes the bacteria immune to the medication, it also ends up weakening your immune system and killing the good bacteria in your system, which can create bigger problems. Other than antibiotics, there is over the counter UTI medicine that relieves bladder infection, such as painkillers, antispasmodics, and anti-inflammatories. As with other kinds of medicines, you should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription in taking these.

There are also natural cures for bladder infections, some of which can be used in conjunction with the other kinds of treatments, or used separately. The most common natural cure for bladder infection is herbs and homeopathic treatment. These include Uva Ursi, Agothosma betulina (also known as buchu), St. John’s Wort, billberry, garlic, Melissa officinalis (also known as lemon balm), and Echinacea angustifolia.

Some of the advocates for natural cures recommend these cures for bladder infections because they provide a more long-lasting solution compared to drugs, as well as improving general well-being. There are also complementary therapies which seem to relieve bladder infection, such as acupuncture, massage, and biofeedback.

In worst-case scenarios, surgery may also be performed if these other remedies do not work. However, most people respond to these bladder infection cures if they follow them religiously. So give them a go.

I’d recommend starting with the natural options first (like the ones revealed in this report), and then move onto harsher treatments like antibiotics.

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