10 Interstitial Cystitis Treatment Methods

Interstitial Cystitis TreatmentIf you are suffering from IC or painful bladder syndrome you may already know that there is no cure for this condition. However, you should not lose hope as there is interstitial cystitis treatment that will help relieve your pain.

1 – A simple change in lifestyle can already serve as an interstitial cystitis cure. Stress actually worsens the symptoms, so learning how to effectively manage it can help.

2 – Another lifestyle change is to apply the interstitial cystitis diet. Unfortunately, there is no one effective diet plan. There are some food items that can trigger flare-ups for some people, but will not affect others. Still, there are foods and beverages that all interstitial cystitis patients should avoid, namely those that are highly acidic.

3 – There are also different kinds of behavioral therapy to treat it. One such treatment for interstitial cystitis is the pelvic floor treatments, like Kegel exercises that teach you to relax your pelvic muscles.

4 – Biofeedback is also used in behavioral therapy, where you are taught relaxation techniques to help you cope with the pain.

5 – There is also bladder training, where you are trained to empty your bladder (called voiding) at specific times during the day and to use relaxation techniques to keep on schedule. Gradually, the times between each voiding become longer to condition you to hold it in better. Patients are usually asked to maintain diaries to keep track of their progress in voiding.

6 – UTI medication is available for those who want to use drugs for their interstitial cystitis treatments. Most of these work by protecting the walls of the bladder from substances in the urine, which trigger the irritation. However, some of these medications have side effects, and there are some that cannot be used by pregnant or nursing women. Often these medications are applied directly to the bladder.

7 – Bladder distension is both a tool used to diagnose interstitial cystitis as well as a treatment in itself. What happens is that the bladder is stretched to extend its capacity.

8 – Bladder baths can also be given, where the bladder is filled with a kind of medication for a certain period of time before it can be emptied.

9 – Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can also be used, where mild electric impulses are applied to your body for short periods of time, the idea being that the electricity increases the blood flow of the bladder and strengthens your pelvic muscles.

10 – Finally, there are various kinds of surgeries for interstitial cystitis treatment. However, these are only performed as a last resort when all other kinds of treatments fail to relieve your IC pain.

With these ten methods, you are bound to find a treatment that works for you, and gives you the relief you need.

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  1. sandile

    i have this pain inside my bladder when i sit maybe 30 minute the pain increase, sometimes i think its my intestines… is there anyone with the same problem?


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