How To Cure A UTI Effectively

How to Cure a UTII am sure you have been looking for ways how to cure a UTI, especially if you have been suffering from it for days. In fact, there are many ways how to cure a urinary tract infection without necessarily going to the doctor, especially if the symptoms happen at a most unfortunate time.

UTI, or Urinary Tract Infection, is medically termed as the invasion of bacteria into the urinary tract system. The bacteria enters the urinary tract from the opening of your urethra, and then go further into your urinary tract. There are generally many causes of UTI. Continue reading

Antibiotics for UTI: What You Need to Know

Urinary Tract Infection AntibioticsAntibiotics for UTI are still considered the main cure for urinary tract infections.

  • They are highly effective (94% of UTI cases are effectively treated with antibiotics),
  • they provide relatively fast treatment and relief, and
  • A lot of the pills or tablets come relatively cheap.

However, in spite of being the most prevalent cure for UTI, there are still facts about antibiotics that you need to know. Continue reading

Interstitial Cystitis Diet: Tips and Guidelines

Interstitial Cystitis DietIn 2007, the interstitial cystitis diet came about when Robert Moldwin, Barbara Shorter, and their colleagues at the Long Island University published their study called “Effect of Comestibles on Symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis” in the Journal of Urology. This gave hard proof that there are certain kinds of food that affect, both negatively and positively, your bladder. And if you happen to have IC or painful bladder syndrome, you should start eating the right foods to prevent further irritation from happening. Continue reading