UTI Remedies: 2 Things to Consider

UTI  RemediesA lot of people think that dealing with urinary tract infection involves the use of very complicated procedures either in the doctor’s office or even at home. There are many things that people may have told you to try as UTI remedies.

But when it comes down to it, there are only two things that you need to think of when looking for remedies for urinary tract infection: your vitamin C level and your pH levels.

Your vitamin C levels

Vitamin C is probably the most common vitamin in the entire list, but with good reason. Vitamin C is essential in keeping a good immune system. If you have a weak immune system, bacteria will easily be able to infect you with a UTI. As far as home remedies for uti go, drinking a whole lot of Vitamin C is as simple as it gets.

All kinds of vitamin C is helpful. You can choose to either take this UTI home treatment naturally – like eating fruit slices or drinking pure fruit juice – or you can take it in a pill form. Taking both is one of the best UTI remedies, and it will help in further preventing the infection from ever coming back and tormenting you ever again. Vitamin C creates a hostile environment for the bacteria, and it makes the immune system strong enough that it kills all bacteria before it can do any damage to your body.

Your pH levels

Your pH is basically the measure of the acidity or alkalinity levels in your body, and having high acidity levels creates a hostile environment for the bacteria, causing them to die away and to never come back. But of course, an extended period of acidic levels is also bad for the body, so taking a controlled dosage of acidic food and drinks every now and then is completely fine.

When you take note of these two things, which are really the only things you need to think of when it comes to urinary tract infection remedies, you will surely be able to successfully flush out the bacteria from your body. There will never again be a need for expensive medicines and multiple trips to the doctor, because these two things are all you need to think of when it comes to UTI remedies.

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  1. samantha mackay

    i keep getting uti’s ever once a month and how can i change that please help me it hurts really bad and the antiboiotics are not helping

  2. niesie

    So I have a uti and when I urinate the odor is strong n it hard to know when I have to go. I have pain in my lower body what do you think I should dodo


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